Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We started in our math series this week and it seems to be going pretty good.  My district adopted the common core series called "Go Math."  Does anybody else use this?  I'm not in love with it, but that's what we have to use.  The hardest part for my kiddos is that everything in the very beginning is written in story problems. AGGHHHH!!!  That immediately scares my little ones away, if they can't read the story problem, then they think they can't solve the problem.  Anyways, my goal this year is to spend as much time doing hands-on activities so that my students can master these standards.  So today we did a "FUN" addition plate activity.  Wow, my kids worked so hard and QUIET, yes I said QUIET for about 20 minutes on this.  I found this activity from If you have not checked out this website, you need to, it has so many common core math activites you can use divided by grade level.

Here are some pictures of what they did.  Each student should have a paper plate with 3 compartment, counters, die, and a response sheet which I am giving to you for FREE!!
The student rolls their die and places that many counter in the small compartment, rolls it a second time and places that many counters in the second small spot.  Then we have been talking about the plus sign and that it means you put numbers or things together.  So after they have their two small sections filled with counters they "join" them together in the big bottom part.  Students then have to draw their picture on the recording sheet and complete the addition sentence.

Here is an example of the worksheet that I created to go along with this activity.  I included the vocabulary so students learn how to read an addition sentence.

I loved watching their little minds at work.  If you would like to download the worksheet to go along with this game, click on the picture below.  Happy Teaching!!


  1. Love it! I'm going to use that soon!

  2. Love this math idea!! I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. Keep on blogging!

    Terri Izatt