Thursday, January 5, 2012

That was rough!!

O.K. my blogging friends!!!  After being off of work now for two weeks and then going back today to 21 first graders, I am exhausted.  I forgot how much energy it took to get through a day and keep things running smoothly.  But, they were excited to be back and I guess now looking at it, I am too.  They keep me young and smilin.  We did a project where we brainstormed ideas about New Year's Resolutions.  Wow!!  O.K. after we got through figuring out what "brainstorm" means and then what a "resolution" is, they finally came up with some great ones.  My favorite was "I am going to drink more milk in 2012!"  You go girl!!! 

I myself am brainstorming ideas for some lucky St. Patricks day packets or possibly Easter packets with math/literacy centers.  So if you have any suggestions on what a great center would be, let me know.  I can see what I can come up with and include it in my packet. 

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