Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bookmark Freebie

I created these bookmarks to help with organization with my kids when they go to library.  My kiddos go to library from 10:35-11:05, and we go to lunch at 11:06.  I was having to pick them up from library and take them directly to lunch, (lunch is something you never want to be late to).  Anyways, my kids would just leave their library books in the library on the table and I would take them back to the library after our lunch recess.  Well, let me just say it was not an ideal situation.  So I asked our wonderful librarian if we could just bring one of those milk crates down and the kids could stack their books in there so I can just take them straight back to our classroom and not have to bring them back so they could get their books.  She was completely fine with that, but was worried how we would keep track of which book goes with which child.  So that is why I ended up creating these bookmarks.  Each child will get two bookmarks, because they are able to check out two books.  Each Friday, they will get their bookmarks before library time, and once they have checked out their books, they insert one bookmark in each book.  That way when we are back in class and I am passing their books out to them, I will know which book goes with which child.  Yep, pretty boring blog, but just wanted to share the meaning behind why I created these.  You are welcome to use them any way you see fit.  If you would like me to type your student's names in them, please shoot me an email at:  I will be more than happy to type them in for you and send them back through email.  Thanks. 


  1. That's a good idea! Are the bookmarks in your TPT store?

  2. I haven't gotten them uploaded to my store yet, but will this week sometime. If you want me to type your kiddos names onto them, I can just email them back to you. Let me know.
    Thanks for the "like"..

  3. Hi there!

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    Laura Parker,

  4. Laura,
    That sounds like a fantastic idea. When I get home tonight, I will check your blog page and look into it more. Thanks for asking me to get involved!!