Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FREE CVC Packet {Short A}

I have been able to stay nice and warm in my pajamas for the last two days because of snow days!!!  It has been wonderful, got my house cleaned, laundry done, and finally got time to create some goodies!!   On a sad note, this little guy woke up with the flu this morning and has not been able to keep anything down and I'm on the third round of laundry because of it!!

I hate it when they are so little and don't know what is happening, let's hope this is just the 24 hour bug!!

Well, while he is taking a nap, I wanted to let you sweet followers know about my latest creations!!  I have put the first one up for FREE!  I'm in the process of creating some Short Vowel CVC packets to help my littles that are still struggling with it.

The Short A packet is up for grabs and here is what is included:

CVC Read/Write the Room with recording sheet
I included picture cards with and without the words so you can differentiate!!

CVC Puzzles with recording sheet
Students will piece together puzzle pieces to made a CVC word.  This also helps practice those word families!

CVC Clip It
Students will look at a picture and then "clip" the CVC word that matches the picture!!

CVC Read It, Write It, Build It Interactive Book {letter tiles are included}
This is a fun little interactive book where students will read the word, write the word, and then build the word using the letter tiles included.  After all pages have been completed it can be stapled into a book!

To go and grab this FREEBIE, click on the picture below.  If you do snag it all I ask is that you leave me some sweet comments!!  

I have finished the CVC Packet for the Short E as well.  Click on the picture to go and check it out!!

If you are still following along, I would love to give the Short E packet away to one sweet follower!!  Just leave me a comment below with your email address and I'll choose a winner tonight!!  

Now I'm off to finish the laundry!!!


  1. Oh what an awesome freebie! Thank you!

  2. Hope your little one feels better soon. Would love the packet.

  3. Thanks Cherie and Kim for your kind words. Since you two were the only ones that let comments, I'm going to send it to both of you!! Check your email soon!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I will try this month and hopefully notice the results. :)

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    1. All things considered, while he is sleeping, I needed to tell you sweet devotees about my most recent manifestations!! I have put the first up for FREE! I'm making some Short Vowel CVC bundles to help my littles that are as yet battling with it.
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