Sunday, April 21, 2013

Making Clouds and 20 Days!!!

We only have 20 more days until SUMMER!!!!  I am stoked and so ready for a vacation, with the two girls and the baby, I can't seem to stay caught up on anything.  And laundry, wow did that triple when you add a 5th person to the family!!! 
Anyways, just a quick post for you all tonight!  We are still working on our weather unit, it seems we just aren't getting through things as quickly with all the end of the year activities and such.  Speaking of  the end of the year, does anybody else have a zillion assessments to get done. Oh my, I have yet to give our Reading Benchmark, RIGBY, STAR Math, End of the year math assessment, and the list goes on!! Then of course the grading, UGH!!  20 more days, 20 more days, I can do it!!!
Back to weather, we have been studying clouds and this week we will be making our very own clouds in our classrooms.  All you need is a bar of Ivory Soap, wax paper, and a microwave.  Stick the bar in for 90 seconds and VOILA, you have made a cloud.  I of course had to practice this at home with my little 3 year old, and here it is!!
For a complete weather unit, click {Here}
Pretty cool, huh! I can't wait to see my firsties faces when this happens.  Off to bed I go, it's only a matter of time before the little guy wakes up and is hungry, so I need to catch my ZZZ's while I can!!  Have a great week you all!!