Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have been trying to come up with more exciting ways to practice our spelling words.  My kiddos and I get super tired of doing the worksheets out of our basal so I'm trying to incorporate other activities to reinforce their words.  Today, I had them divide their paper into sixths and write their spelling words on the spots.  I gave each table some paint and Q-tips.  They used the Q-tips to dot/spell their words.  They had a blast doing this and I even heard these comments, "How cool" and "This is so fun." When a teacher hears those comments, it makes you want to jump and scream because what you are doing is working, they are learning and having FUN!!!  Here are a few pictures of it. GRRR!! Sorry it is upside down, can't get it turned.

I had to share these photos.  The activity came from  If you have neveer been to her blog page, do so NOW!!! She has many amazing ideas and packets.  The best part she shares them all for FREE!!!  Yes, I said FREE.  Go visit her now. 
They had to finish the sentence, My 2013 is going to be.... 
We made a list of words that could describe our 2013 and then they put it together on a party had and added their face and hair.  This one cracked me up with her hair.


  1. Somehow I missed this post when I first joined your blog! :( I'm loving that q-tip paint idea with spelling words. This would work perfectly with my kiddos and their sight words. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Erin, glad you could use the idea!