Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Weekend Away

Wow, this weekend flew by fast, but on the upside, after this week of school, we have Spring Break!!!!  I am so excited to have a week off to catch up on stuff!!  I have been pretty MIA this weekend and felt lost without being able to check everything on my computer.  I started my Saturday morning with a "Stress Relief" massage with a great girlfriend of mine.  After my two and a half hours of spa relief I loaded up the car with five friends to go to a Bachelorette Party in Kansas City, MO.  We stayed at the Argosy Casino and did a little gambling.  I am so not a gambler, feel awkward doing it because I don't really know what I am doing.  So after I was up twenty dollars, I stopped!!  I finally made it back home and I am exhausted.  Anyways, hope you all have a great week at work and if you are on Spring Break, enjoy!! 

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  1. One more week and we are on spring break too!! I'm definitely ready. My teaching partner is trying to set up a bloggy meet up. You are our neighbor. This is the link, if you are interested.

    First Grade Delight