Friday, May 31, 2013

Writing Dictionary!!

How many of you teachers get tired of your kiddos always asking this question, "How do you spell .....?"  I do, I do!!!

So I tried to figure out what all they always ask me and in comes this latest product.  It is a writing dictionary that covers many areas.

This dictionary includes:

1.  3 Cover pages {Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade}
2.  Each letter of the alphabet gets its own page.  I also included the top 200 words children in K-2 will most frequently see when reading text.  There is also plenty of space to add words throughout the year.
3.  A page where you can add all the students in your class.
4. Months of the year
5. Days of the week
6. Number Words for 1-30
7. Number Words for 10, 20, 30, and so on...
8. Colors
9. Family {mom, dad, brother, sister, etc., plus lines to add specific names}
10. Important Holidays

BONUS!!! I also included a section on Common Core Math terms with space to add a picture or write the definition of each.  If you purchase it and there are words you would like me to add, just email me and I will add them free of charge.  Check out a few of the pages below that are included.  Click on any of them to take you to my TpT shop for a closer look!!

If you are still with me, I would love to give away a free copy to the first person who comments below.  You can comment about anything, I love comments!!  Hurry!!

Don't forget to enter {Here} for a chance to win my Common Core Math Work Mats


  1. I would feel lucky to use these!


    1. Jeanne,
      Check your email. Thanks for following!!

  2. Me too, but it looks like I'm too late :(

  3. I think that this is a genius idea. I get so tired of my kids always asking how to spell something and this is a great opportunity to teach the kids how to research something for themselves. Great job!

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